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Easy vegetarian dinners – Mackenzie Kruvant, Buzzfeed. (Yes I know, it’s Buzzfeed, but whatever…)

These 36 Questions will make strangers fall in love – Daniel Jones, New York Times. This article highlights research from 1996 in which researchers gave a list of 36 questions which a pair of strangers asked each other. One pair in the study married 6 months later. The original research is here (A. Aron et. al. “The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness” PSPB, Vol. 23 No.4, April 1997, 363-377).

My lovely wife in the Psych ward – Mark Lukach. A personal account of how mental illness and dealing with psychotic episodes reshapes a marriage.

The man to take on Putin – Julia Ioffe. The story of a multi-billionaire Russian oil baron who was imprisoned by the Kremlin. Now he is in exile and want to provoke change in Russia.

What makes you you? – Tim Urban. A philosophical rumination on the self.

The real cause of addiction – Johann Hari. People (and rats) only become and remain addicted to drugs, gambling or whatever, so long as they are isolated, and unable to connect with other people (or rats). If they are able to live fulfilling lives, (jobs, social life, support network etc.) then they can break the addiction.

15 Unique Illnesses You Can Only Come Down With In German – Arika Okrent.

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