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I will add more links to this post as I spend more time procrastinating by reading this stuff.

“On the phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs” by David Graeber
– Why technological advances haven’t resulted in shorter working hours.

“Senseless” by Bruce Barcott – A piece about how bicycle helmet safety has not progressed for many decades.

“What’s Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?” by Dean Van Druff – What makes a pyramid scheme bad?

“The dream boat” by Luke Mogelson – A piece by reporters who went ‘undercover’ so to speak, and took a ride on one of the leaky boats bringing asylum seekers to Australia.

“My life as a serial killer’s daughter” by Melissa Moore – A lifetime coming to terms with dad’s legacy.

“The science of human decay” by Joseph Stromberg – This is about the world’s largest body farm, where donated corpses are left outside to decay and scientists observe the results. This knowledge helps make better estimates of time of death for police investigations. Be warned, this story has graphic images.

Excerpts from “Expert Judgment on Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant”, Sandia National Laboratories report SAND92-1382 / UC-721, p. F-49 – If an area is designated as a nuclear waste dump, not for a hundred years, but for perhaps 12,000 years, what should the site be like in order to convey its purpose? How should the site feel, what should the markers and signs be to cross a possible language barrier, cultural barrier, and through changes in government and landscape? Some answers are explored here.

ATO letting big multinationals get away with it – by Michael West, Canberra Times, 24 Nov 2014

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